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As an American citizen, you have Constitutional protections in the face of criminal charges.  Too often, the State pressures you to waive these privileges.  Overzealous prosecution can, and does, ruin innocent lives. When you or someone you know becomes accused of a crime or criminal act, the possibility of going to jail for that crime becomes real. When that happens, having a Lawyer becomes crucial. A Criminal lawyer can do much more than simply question witnesses in court. As experienced and knowledgeable defense attorneys, we work with you to help you understand what your rights are and how they will help you. We can formulate a defense case that is tailored to your situation and needs. We handle all criminal defense cases, from simple citations to complex felonies.  We even handle federal law and juvenile law cases. We have successfully defended hundreds of legal clients in the following areas; Assault & Battery, Sexual Crimes, Domestic Crimes, Theft Crimes, Fraud & Tax Crimes, Homicides & Murder, D.U.I. Crimes, Parole & Probation Violations, and Traffic Offenses. In the face of criminal accusations, you have the right to remain silent.  You have the right to call a lawyer and have him present during your questioning.  These Constitutional rights allow you to collect your thoughts and avoid self-incriminating mistakes, even when you're innocent. If you're in need of a great criminal defense lawyer, Larsen & Rice offers aggressive and competent legal action to satisfy your needs. As your neighborhood Criminal Defense Lawyers, we're here to help. Or, call us today to schedule your first appointment. We're based in Caldwell Idaho, but we serve Criminal Defense clients all throughout the Treasure Valley, including; Nampa Idaho, Meridian Idaho, and Boise Idaho.


Financial difficulty often comes when we least expect it.  Whether from a lost job, a medical emergency, or a failed marriage, many find themselves facing impossible debt-loads with no hope of escape.  Bankruptcy is for just such events. Without the bankruptcy system, you and your loved ones would be subject to perpetual creditor harassment, in some cases for as long as you live. As your neighborhood Bankruptcy Lawyers, we're here to help. We're based in Caldwell Idaho, but we serve Bankruptcy clients all throughout the Treasure Valley, including; Nampa Idaho, Meridian Idaho, and Boise Idaho. Our services include; Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense, Collections Defense, Debt Settlements, Consumer Protection Violations, and Asset Protection and Exemption Planning. To qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must meet certain financial requirements.  We make this determination for you right up-front.  And if bankruptcy is not your best option, we offer other debt-relief services, such as settlements and creditor negotiations. If you're in need of a great Bankruptcy lawyer, Larsen & Rice offers aggressive and competent legal action to satisfy your needs.


If yourself or a loved one sustains a serious injury as the result of another person's negligence or accident, you might wonder what actions you can take to pursue fair compensation. As Personal Injury Lawyers at Larsen & Rice, we believe all accident victims deserve a generous settlement to help their families pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives. You might have many questions following an accident such as; Which insurance policies will cover my costs? How long do I have before I have to make decisions? How and when will my claim be settled? How do I press charges against the personal at fault? When you've been injured, your first priority is to seek competent medical help.  Once obtained, call us immediately.  If you are contacted by the insurance company, don’t speak to them.  As in all criminal prosecutions, your statements can be used against you in court, which is why insurance companies will pressure you into making statements against your interest.  Once retained, we take on the insurance company so that you can focus on your loved ones or recovering from your own personal injury. We guide our clients successfully through each stage of the legal process.  We handle the following types of injuries cases; Car Accidents / Truck Accidents, Big-Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Pedestrian/Bicycle Accidents, Slip and Fall Accidents, Minors Compromises, Insurance Claim Negotiations, All other types of injuries. You pay nothing up front.  Your immediate cash reserves should go to medical care, which is why we shoulder the initial burden of your legal costs.  Further, we employ a talented and reliable team of doctors, experts, and other professionals to ensure you a winning strategy.  We don’t collect our fees until your final recovery.


When you die, how will your estate be distributed?  By failing to plan now, you leave this important decision in the hands of the State.  At Larsen & Rice, we help our clients avoid this tragic result by planning for their loved ones well in advance.  Our goal is to ensure a safe and happy future for your family, and keep hard-earned legacies out of government hands.  We also offer a full range of probate & estate administration services for your recently deceased family members. We offer the following estate planning & administration services; Wills, Minor Guardianships, Testamentary Wills, Living Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Business Entity Formations, Business Succession Planning, Powers of Attorney, Guardianship/Conservatorship, Living Wills, Health Care Directives, Information Probates, Formal/Contested Probates, and Trust Administrations. Larsen & Rice is here to handle all of your estate planning and administration needs.  From simply wills to complex family trusts, we know what it takes to effectively preserve your life's work.  And like any good attorney, we're on-call to answer your questions in any emergency.


Personal family troubles can be some of life's most stressful challenges, and trying to navigate the domestic legal system alone can be almost overwhelming.  At Larsen & Rice, we understand this and work hard to secure your family the best possible outcome.  From simple modifications to large divorces, we handle even the most complex family law cases.  We work tirelessly to ensure your parental and family rights are protected. As your neighborhood Family Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers, we're here to help. We're based in Caldwell Idaho, but we serve Family law clients all throughout the Treasure Valley, including; Nampa Idaho, Meridian Idaho, and Boise Idaho.   Our services include; Divorce (non-contested), Divorce (Contested), Child Custody, Parental Relocations, Prenuptial Agreements, Property Settlement Agreements, Child Support, Protection Orders, Domestic Violence Cases, Adoptions, Guardianship/Conservatorship, and Family Law Mediation. If you are served legal paperwork, give us a call right away.  Like any court proceeding, family law cases are time sensitive and your rights could be at stake.  If you think the lawsuit is frivolous, we can explore options to dismiss it.  If you are the one needing to file a case, we help you get organized right from the start to ensure your maximum chances of success.