Idaho's Minor Guardianship Laws

In Idaho, there are two ways to become guardian for a minor child.  First, you can be appointed by the court.  Second, you can be appointed via the parents' last will & testament, upon which you accept your appointment in court.  If the natural parents are still alive, but are unable to discharge their normal parental responsibilities, you must prove to the court that the parents are neglecting, abusing, abandoning, or failing to provide the children with a stable home environment.  Normally, the court will conduct several hearings and will appoint an attorney to represent the children's interest.  If you meet the statutory criteria, including the "best interests of the children criteria," you will be appointed guardian until the children are no longer minors, unless the guardianship is previously terminated (by yourself, the parents, or another interested party).  In determining the length of guardianship, the courts look first and foremost to the children's best interests.